Sina Moradbakhti

west ferdos blvd, Tehran, Iran · 00989128499452 ·

this is sina , I was born in 1994 in Tehran, Iran. I grew up with computer and computer was my best friend.

I'm a fullstack developer and co-founder of parcweb company.
I've worked as a developer since 8 years ago. I expert in web programming specificly server-side programming.
as well as I've worked in various another platforms such as mobile application development and mobile game development in addition these , making windows app by c# and are inside my work resume. I know different programming languages in many platforms such as php, nodeJS for back-end developing and html, css, js, jq,... for front-end developing. also swift for iOS mobile app developing and Flutter for multi Platform mobile applications.

flutter is a one of great multi platform mobile app development area that can give you two iOS and android application. although native programming languages usually allows you to create every apps with any customized features , Flutter can be appropriate choice for some ordinary normal apps with usual features for many reasons like it's super fast to developing also it supports by Google as well as a lot of valid apps rebuild in flutter.


fullstack developer


proudly since 2014 until now I've worked as a web developer. after many years work and experiences in another platforms and promote my work so at this time I've kept on my work as a full stack developer.

web design & development (php, nodeJS | html, css, bootstrap)
mobile application development (iOS, android)
windows platform apps (c#,

2016 - now

Senior Programmer



Aug 2018 - now

fullstack developer


Rahmdel is a company in Busan, SouthKorea and they've been worked on IT projects in huge scales they're profession in hardware and software too.
it's my pleasure to work with them as a fullstack developer.
I did a lot of projects with them such as : website projects, mobile application , multi platforms app, windows apps and also mobile games.

2018 - 2020



although I registered the company as official 2 years ago, actually I started my professional work 8 years ago.

2018 - now

mobile application developer


n`Think is a great company in Busan, SouthKorea.
they expert and has skills in hardware and software fields.
I created a mobile application (iOS, android) that has features like :
- chatting
- voting system
- survey system
- news & articles and ...

2018 - 2019

team-leader & fullstack developer


dadman-realestate is a real-estate company that would be change them works from traditional to IT-based also this company has some products such an iOS and android application that help realtors to finding them clients so easier and they can organized their daily todo-list and works.
the app has messenger feature too for making communication with other realtors to cooperate together also share their customers to give better and super fast service to them.

2016 - 2019

web developer


I had been hired at Rayansazeh for developing their website and working as a php backend-developer.

- I worked on their website
- I created some new products for them such a inner crm
- also I worked on many little web apps in their local server like Attendance System.

2015 - 2016


islamic azad university of parand

associate of information technology
3-years and more education in university and graduated and got associate degree in IT (information technology)
2014 - 2017


network +
I passed some courses in network field and caught a license with a high score.
this course was about network foundation and how to make a local , public and private network and introduction to knowing network tools and hardwares and softwares.
2015 - 2015

islamic azad university of central Tehran

bachelor of software engineering
I'm a student at this university as a software engineer student.
2020 - now


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Web Design & Develop
  • Responsive Web Design
  • expert in PHP language
  • expert in mySQL database
  • have experience in NodeJS
  • have experience in Python (Django)
  • have experience in c++
  • professional in c# and
  • expert in iOS mobile app development
  • expert in multi platform mobile app development
  • expert in Flutter
  • have experience and skills in mobile game development


- YouTub Tutorials: I passionately make Tutorials in my YouTube channel, I feel free to learn everything I know and I have as experiences to another people.
my content are more educational like programming languages teaching , how to start coding, security in programming and ...

- AI: artificial intelligence is another one case that I really like it, actually it's my bachelor thesis at the university

- mobile Game development: it's an amazing experience to design and develop a game.
it can be either fun and a magical work experience.


Mobile Application
University Projects



The largest company in the field of deck, waffle, and chromite roofs 15 years of experience in the construction industry The best basic engineers of a civil engineering



Motion Dynamics Co., Ltd. is a high value-added industry based on a motion platform (Stewart platform) with high industry scalability. We have developed a range of products such as antenna stabilizer devices and composite processing equipment.



Its a thesis project from Concordia University in Montreal, QC the project uses the newest technologies to make a fast high secure online auction market on the internet.

Cube Monster


Build under your feet and pass the barriers, but beware! Keep it smooth, on the right timing and the right level. Eat the devil heads 3 times to reach the Cube Monster Fever mode.

Haegisa Mobile app


is an application in iOS and Android platforms, this app actually use for voting , Surveying , also Chatting feature is one of the most interesting options in this app.

Goal Meter


Achieve your goals or change your habits faster. Create to-do list for your goals or habits. Improving your daily routine. Schedule your day in advance. Increasing your productivity. Improving your efficiency. Change your bad habits and create new good habits.

Marinelife website


MarineLife is located in the heart of Busan, South Korea. Our team is divided into several sub branches including Mobile Apps & Games team, Web design & development team, AR/VR solutions team, Marine Products team and reselling Ubiquiti Networks products in South Korea.



شرکت آتیه‌سازان‌حافظ وابسته به سازمان بیمه سلامت ایران به‌منظور اجرای فصول ۵ و ۲۵ و نیز ماده ۳۷ قانون برنامه چهارم توسعه فرهنگی، اجتماعی و اقتصادی کشور، از تاریخ ۱۳۸۰/۰۳/۲۳ بر اساس قانون بیمه همگانی خدمات درمانی و ساختار نظام رفاه و تأمیـن اجتماعی، مصوبـه هیئت محترم وزیران به شماره ۱۹۳۸/ت ۲۸۴۷۶ ه مورخه ۱۳۸۲/۰۲/۰۲ و مجوز قانونی سازمان بیمه سلامت ایران تأسیس شد.



Iran’s Bearing Network is a familiar and meaningful name which is represented by its strong mission. This network has been constructed by some of the most prominent and famous bearing merchants in the nation. With decades of experience in importing and distributing bearings in Iran, the network founders have built a powerful infrastructure, accessible by every company and/or individual who needs bearings.

Omid Adibparvar website


Omid Adibparvar is a freelancer Director that works on the tv commercial advertisement. also he won couple of awards for his works . if you'd like to know more about Omid see his website.

arm website


ARMAN RANGE MOATAR CO(MANAGHEBI Trading Group) starts its activity since1992 in two fields of import of food additives- cosmetics based materials and also export of nuts.

i-Time website


a shopping website that sells any mobile and tablet accessories such a case and cover also they sell appleWatch accessories.



GrandBearings is another project in bearings field that I worked. this company also like another bearings companies sell all kind of bearings generally and retail.



SaminBearings also is another bearings company in Iran that supplies bearings for any bussinesses need that. so if you want to know more about them please see their website.

Algorithms Execution Times


this made as a university project for Data Structure course and helps you see and compare some algorithms execution times and draw the result in a line chart.